Frequently Asked Questions

When skin is injured our body makes collagen to fill the gap. This collagen is like a cement patch. There are no pores and sweat glands within this patch, making it look different from the normal surrounding skin. Therefore, to achieve the most natural look this patch should be as small as possible. Scarguard helps our skin reduce scars.

It can take as long as one or two years for some scars to achieve their final appearance. In the first three months most scars appear pink. This is due to an overgrowth of blood vessels within the area, which is intended to help bring a better blood supply for healing. After healing has completed, these blood vessels usually shrink and the color usually fades. After that, the remaining scar will slowly shrink if normal healing occurs.

As skin heals, too much collagen is intentionally made. An enzyme called collagenase melts the extra collagen and the body tries to leave only what is needed for the repair. If the healing cells do not make enough collagenase, too much collagen is left. This will result in a thick scar.

Scarguard MD™ contains the ingredients often recommended by doctors to improve scar appearance in an easy-to-use to use form. It will help shrink old, thick scars or help prevent thickening of newly forming scars.

Scarguard MD™ is the only product that we know of that combines silicone, cortisone, and vitamin E into one easy-to-use product that forms a clear protective film over a scar while it heals. It is clinically proven to be effective.

Scarguard MD™ has been used since 2001 by plastic surgeons and is now available to you without a prescription!

Many creams and gels would work if you could actually use them; the problem is they are messy and get all over your clothing. Once they are on the clothing, they are no longer on the skin and therefore not very effective. Some creams are not based upon science and do not even have a drug facts panel on the box! Scarguard MD™ is based upon solid science in an easy-to-use format.

Scarguard MD™ should be applied twice daily. Typically, patients use it for two to four months. Please consult the Drug Facts Panel on the packaging for directions on use.

Scarguard MD™ should not be put on surgical or traumatic wounds before the skin has closed. Typically, it is started two weeks after surgery, but check with your doctor regarding this use.

Do not use on children under 2. For use on children from 2 to 12, please consult a physician. Precautions must be taken to avoid getting into the eyes or mouth.